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Property Law

Your home is important. Be it your home, business, or otherwise, discovering your property has a mortgage problem, isn't in zoning compliance, or has other title defects can be troubling, because these problems can result in long-term issues, both legal and financial. We have extensive experience in investigating mortgages and navigating the sometimes complex world of zoning ordinance. Schedule an appointment with us, and we can help you untangle your problems and provide solutions.

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Traffic and Criminal Offenses

Don't let a DUI or any other criminal matter ruin your life. Our firm is ready when you or a loved one are facing any criminal charge. If you have been charged, you could be facing jail time, loss of license for a year or more, fines, and public humiliation. Even a summary offense can appear on your criminal record.  Don't be afraid to contact us.  No matter is too big or too small.

Estate Planning

Always be prepared.  Preparation of a will, a power of attorney and a living will are the cornerstones of any estate plan, whether simple or needing more detail.  There is never a good time to leave loved ones behind.  We can make the process easier for you and your family.  When there is an Estate that needs to be settled, an Executor or administrator is responsible for ensuring that the orders or directives left in the will by the deceased are followed out as they should be...If troubles arise, our firm will help you resolve your family issues.  Contact us for help with Will Preparation, Probate and Estate Administration, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Codicils and more!

Workers Compensation Law

Getting hurt at work can devastate you physically and financially. The pressure of mounting medical bills on top of not being able to work can be understandably overwhelming. Having someone to help you navigate this stressful ordeal allows you to focus on your recovery and your family. Let us help you troubleshoot your problems.

Business/Contract Law

Need help getting your business registered with the state?  Planning to draft or sign a new contract?  Do you currently have a contract dispute going on?  If any of these situations apply to you then give us a call, and we will help you keep your business strong.  

Personal Injury Law

We represent victims of personal injuries from automobile accidents, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, full tort and limited tort, underinsured and uninsured claims, wrongful death and death claims, defective products, slips & falls, and Workers Compensation claims.

Family Law

Fight for your family. Fight for yourself. Choose the lawyer who can represent you best for Divorce and Family Law issues. There are many aspects to Family Law cases. A divorce can and often does have several paths; therefore, knowing how the tactics and outcome of each path could affect the other aspects of the case requires experience and knowledge.  Contact us for help with your Divorce, Spousal Support (Alimony), Property Division, Protection from Abuse, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Custody and Relocation, Child Support, Parental Rights, and even Grandparents Rights!

We are a general practice law firm that handles almost all legal matters. Here are some examples of areas that we HANDLe:

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